And it’s not just January. In fact we never have sales, no matter what the time of year.

You’re probably wondering why……..



On most occasions you’re often not really saving much – we’ve all heard stories of brands increasing the price, just so they can say they’ve lowered it for the sale. We price our chesterfield sofas and furniture realistically in the first place to reflect the craftsmanship, skill and quality of work and service we provide. As THE manufacturer of authentic Chesterfields, customers appreciate that to obtain a genuine Chesterfield made to certified standards, cut price offers are not reflective of these values



Chesterfields in Our Showrooms

In fact, our showroom stock should cost more. It’s had the advantage of time to let the leather age and mature beautifully as all our furniture is intended to do.


Sales don’t fit well with our furniture. As opposed to other brands who need to clear surplus out-of-season stock to make way for new lines, our furniture is timeless and doesn’t date. Having made Chesterfields since 1780, we know they don’t go out of style, in fact this iconic style becomes more popular and desirable year after year.



A busy showroom during a sale can mean you get very little one to one time with experienced sales staff and you may feel rushed into buying something that is not the best choice for you


You shouldn’t have to wait until the “right” time of year to buy a sofa or feel pushed to buy one “today”.



Our customers typically take their time trying out our sofas, waiting to receive their free swatches to see how they look in their homes, and discussing all the bespoke options available to them before buying. This takes time and we try to ensure all our clients make the right decision and choose the perfect sofa – after all it will last a lifetime. And in today’s throwaway consumer culture, we’re proud to stand apart.

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