Can you provide some more information about the sofa bed options please i.e. quality, durability, weight, comfort, short vs long term use etc.?


Many thanks for your enquiry. The sofabed option is available for the Stamford, William & William Blake designs. The mechanism is very easy to operate by one person due to its 3-fold action.

A 2 seater sofa is approx. 85kg in weight and a 3 seater sofa approx. 95kg. Introducing a sofa bed will add a further 50kg as it is a substantial steel mechanism. All the components and build quality are of high quality to comply with our guarantees. Sofa beds in general are designed for occasional use and so should not be used as a substitute for a regular bed.

In terms of mattress sizes, a 4-seater sofa will accommodate a 155cm width mattress, a 3-seater sofa will accommodate a 125cm mattress, and a 2-seater sofa will accommodate a single 75cm mattress.

Please follow this link for more information regarding the bed mechanisms itself.