I have some questions regarding the Chesterfield corner sofa: What designs are available and can the Stamford be set up so that there is only one cushion in the corner unit? In the pictures there are two cushions which might make it less comfortable?

Can the configuration be opposite to what is photographed and can the dimensions be modified?

Finally, can we choose from any of your leathers?


Available designs include the Stamford, Kingston & Farringdon. Other designs considered on request.

Having two cushions does not affect comfort (if you sit on the area where the cushions meet there is little to no difference). It is therefore more of an aesthetic alteration and we can make this change for you if required.

Opposite configuration and alterations to sizes are all possible. Just let us know the size of the corner you need to fill and we will provide drawings for you to approve.

Any of our leathers may apply to any of our designs as a made to order bespoke service. Prices may vary depending on your selection so please specify the colour so we may quote accordingly.