There is quite a big difference in price between your ‘Antiqued’ and ‘Hand-Coloured’ leathers. Why is this exactly?


All Fleming & Howland leathers are from the same high grade hides, but it is the time required to finish the leather patina that makes the difference.

The Classic collection implements faster, more modern upholstery methods using ‘Antiqued’ leather while the Heirloom, Monochrome and Club collection implement the more laborious ‘Hand-Coloured’ leather.

‘Antiqued’ Leather:

The hide is pre-dyed before arriving at the workshop and subsequently antiqued by gently rubbing away the top coat. A final sealant is then applied to ensure protection, also providing a mellow lustre finish. It is for this reason that a Classic Chesterfield transmits such character and warmth, easily welcomed into any home.

‘Hand-Coloured’ Leather:

Developed by Fleming & Howland, the dyes are gently massaged into the leather by hand and allowed to dry. This process is repeated at least 6 times to ensure a beautifully toned patina. As the dyes are absorbed in varying intensities on different areas of the skin, many original hallmarks will be visible ensuring that every piece is completely unique and distinctive.