Discover our collections of authentic handcrafted Chesterfield sofas, made to order in England.

Our Chesterfield sofa collections range from 2 seaters to 5 seaters, but also include corner sofas, armchairs and footstools.

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All our Chesterfield sofas are made to order in one of our Chesterfield sofa workshop.

If you are looking for an authentic hand-made Chesterfield sofa, we have hundreds types of Chesterfield sofas to choose from.
Our collections include leather Chesterfield sofas, linen Chesterfield sofas, wool Chesterfield sofas, and velvet Chesterfield sofas.

If you require specific dimensions  for your Chesterfield sofa, we have many sizes of Chesterfield sofas to choose from.

Our collections include 2 seater Chesterfield sofas, 3 seater Chesterfield sofas, 4 seater Chesterfield sofas, cornerChesterfield sofas and Chesterfield Armchairs.